What Can You Bake in a Gas Oven?

Gas stoves and ovens are a modern marvel with their stylish design coupled with their function. Although they look good and uplift any kitchen, people still aren’t too sure as to what they can bake in one of these gas units. That’s mainly due to them being used to the electrical version and knowing how it functions. You’ll be surprised to know that gas ovens are not much different in their baking efficiency.

That’s right, baking in a gas oven is similar to baking in an electrical one. The main difference in the two is that the electrical oven takes a bit longer to heat up. A gas oven’s temperature gauge starts off at 150 degrees Celsius whereas an electric oven can start off from 50 degrees Celsius. That means that you can insert your baking item sooner as your gas oven provides instant heat. So what can be baked in a gas oven?

Sponge Cake. Use your favourite recipe to mix up a sponge cake batter with your favourite flavour ingredient. Keep the oven door shut until your cake is completely baked to ensure that the cake remains risen and fluffy.
Pie. Pies can be made with a variety of fillings from chicken to pepper steak. Glaze the pie crust with egg before inserting it into the gas oven. Set the time and temperature for your ideal golden brown pie.
Baked Potatoes. This is a delicious lunch treat. Brush olive oil over the skin of the whole potato and place it in the gas oven. Once the potato is soft, remove it from the oven, slice it slightly open at the top and add your favourite filling while it’s still hot.
Steaks. Yes, you can bake or grill steaks in the gas oven. Add some cooking oil to a baking tray, add sliced onions, some herbs and spices then layer the steak over it all. Place the baking tray in the oven then set the time and temperature.
Chicken. Spice the chicken (whole or pieces), sprinkle cooking oil over the chicken skin to create that crispy golden colour then place it in the oven. The timing for the whole chicken will take longer than for the chicken pieces. Check that the chicken is thoroughly cooked before you remove it.
faber cooktop 4 burner Muffins and Scones. Who doesn’t love a muffin or a scone? I’m sure that these are treats that we all love. You can make these from scratch with your favourite recipe or you could simply buy a ready mix to save time.
Most food items that you can bake or grill in a conventional electric oven can be done in the gas version such as an Elba gas oven. It’s only limited to your imagination. Dust off that recipe book, start experimenting with your favourite baked goods and enjoy.

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